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MSM Mathematics: Teacher's Resource Book 3x

MSM Mathematics: Teacher's Resource Book 3x

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30 Jun 1994
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Oxford University Press
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The MSM Mathematics series offers an integrated and comprehensive assessment for GCSE mathematics. It provides a one-book-per-year mathematics course. There are worked examples and numerous graded exercises. The maths is set in the context of everyday life, involving investigations and project work, to provide approaches to all kinds of mathematical problem solving. The writing team has organized the mathematics covered by the National Curriculum into a series of topic-based sections within each book. Mathematical knowledge and skills are developed in line with current practice in maths teaching. The MSM series comprises course books at all levels. Books 1 and 2 provide maths for all abilities at Key Stage 3. Students of average ability can continue with the x series - books 3x, 4x and 5x. The w series provides support for students having difficulty with the maths covered in the books 1, 2, 3x-5x. The material in the w books is organized in the same sequence as the main course, but concentrates on the development of basic concepts for those students experiencing difficulties. The y series caters for more able students, providing maths for top grades of GCSE and preparation for Sixth-Form work leading up to Levels 9-10 at Key Stage 4. The key to putting the MSM series is the teacher's resource book. It contains a combination of teaching and assessment materials. The books are presented in wiro-bound form to facilitate easy use of the photocopiable resources. Each teacher's resource book contains: a chapter-by-chapter analysis of how MSM delivers the National Curriculum; record-keeping facilities fully in line with SEAC requirements and co-ordinated with the assessment facilities; photocopiable assessment materials designed to monitor progress throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, and to provide evidence of achievement; marks and compliance tables give answers and point out which results indicate which Statements of Attainment have been achieved; answers to exercises in the students' books which the teacher can make available to students as appropriate. The benefits of the teacher's resource book are: photocopiable resources, so they can be handed out to the required number of students; two assessment papers for each chapter, based on the work of the chapter, allowing the teacher two alternative papers based on the same material, therefore, different papers can be used for different groups, the same group can be re-tested if necessary, or papers can be used to aid revision and as consolidation exercises; the assessments are related directly to the National Curriculum in detailed compliance tables, giving the teacher information on how students are progressing, and which areas require further practice; and answers are supplied for all the course texts.

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