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07 Nov 1997
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Pearson Education (US)
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Keyword-Optionen: Sociology anthropology 
For undergraduate courses in Introduction to Sociology. The goal of this book is to show students how to analyze everyday events through the sociological perspective, to increase their social knowledge, and to develop critical thinking skills. With a strong emphasis on diversity, it introduces the major methods, theories, and findings of sociology and relates them to todays sociological institutions, movements, and issues. NEW - Completely rewritten chapter on research methods. Makes the concepts understandable to students. Ex. Chapter 2 NEW - Reorganized chapter on Race and Ethnic Relations with a tighter focus on key principles. (Chapter 11) . NEW - Refocus of the chapter on the Economy with political systems moved to the appropriate chapters. (Chapter 12) . NEW - Putting Sociology to Work sections. Demonstrate the practical uses of sociology, reinforce the focus on applied sociology, and demonstrate the usefulness of sociology in developing public policy. NEW - Using the World Wide Web boxes. Helps students to locate and understand sociological information as presented on the World Wide Web. NEW - Student Life boxes. Contains relevant examples drawn from students own lives. NEW - Over 400 new sources cited. Presents the latest and most relevant material. Coherent coverage of a wide range of material with a full chapter devoted to introducing and explaining the three basic sociological perspectives (Functionalist, Conflict, and Symbolic Interactionist) . Draws upon these perspectives for better understanding throughout the book. Ex. Ch. 3 Demonstrates the relationship between culture and social structure in a single chapter (Chapter 4) . Discusses poverty and the single-parent family in the marriage and family chapter using the latest census data. The chapter focuses on the growing diversity in families in terms of cultural differences and explains what constitutes a family today (Chapter 13) . A series of insightful boxes that explore a variety of sociological issues which are related to the material in the chapter. Personal Journey Into Sociology boxes written by major sociological figures that explain both the nature and the personal meaning of their work. Comparing Cultures and Societies boxes examine how various cultures and societies throughout the U.S. and the world handle important social issues. Sociological Insights boxes discuss contemporary events and ideas that concern todays students with topics ranging from affirmative action to AIDS. Using the World Wide Web boxes help the students to locate and understand sociological information as presented on the world wide web. Student Life boxes contain relevant examples drawn from students own lives. Introduces students to the ways in which sociological findings can be used to understand the issues facing us as we enter a new century. Emphasis on critical thinking, challenging students to assess the scientific validity of claims and to ensure that the data are consistent with one theory over another.

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